Legacy Life membership enables VFW Life members to leave a lasting impression on our great organization.

Three prestigious levels are available: Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

Each level offers generous benefits reserved exclusively for Legacy Life members. Additionally, an annual endowment in your name will be made to your Post, Department, and National in your name. Being a Legacy member ensures that you help not only today's veterans but the veterans of tomorrow as well. 

  1.  * John Ahern Sr. - Bronze 
  2.     John A. Clemo - Gold
  3.  * Alvin W. Dawson - Gold
  4.  * George F. Elliott - Bronze
  5.  * Kevin L. Humphrey - Bronze
  6.     Daniel Kowalewski - Bronze
  7.     John Love III - Bronze
  8.     Kenneth Malone - Bronze
  9.  * George Wendt - Bronze
  10.    Wayne Tuttle - Gold
Those denoted with a ( * ) indicate Memorial Legacy Life Members.