VFW Booster Club - In the Spotlight



VFW Boosters voluntarily make donations. Donations can be in honor of or in memory of a loved one. All donations are utilized to help outset expenses in communications, newsletters, and other post needs.

Names listed below are donors name, the month, and year they last donated.  Suggested minimum donations are $10 yearly but can be given in any amount. Thank you VFW Booster! Your donations are deeply appreciated. 


February 2021

Kathy Vaughan in memory of Walter Hudnall


March 2021

Kurt Kobel

Julie Masterson in memory of Jose Morales

Peter O’Connor in memory of Carla Malone


September 2020

Gene and Nikki Cadden

Dale and Ann Marie Cloutier in memory of AWS1 Johnathan R. Clement US Navy

Jim (Road Dog) and Barb Faunce

Sandy Gage in loving memory of John Gage Squad 51

Roz Hontz in memory of Bill Hontz

Bill Katilus and Laura Cody

Ken Malone in memory of Carla Malone

Ken Malone in memory of Kip Humphrey

Mark Nelson

Curtis and Georgia Martin in memory of Arthur E. Martin

John and Donna Mier

Kenneth and Kathy Vaughan

Dan and Bonnie Kowalewski

John and Donna Gudavich in loving memory of John’s brother Tom Gudavich


November 2020

Pete Morales in memory of his sister Carmen