Commander’s Message


Greetings to everyone,

   November is upon us and the start of our busy season, things are going to pick up around here and before you know it, we will be sharing thanksgiving dinner again. As always, the Auxiliary will be looking for donations and volunteers. See Shelia and the crew of volunteers that will be handling dinner for more information.

   As many of you know there has been a few changes to the command at our Post. After a lengthy illness Moose decided to step down as commander so he could continue his recovery and we will support Moose any way we can during his recovery.

   As Sr. Vice I have assumed the position as your post commander, which was voted on and passed by the membership at the October 13, 2021, Membership meeting. I am dedicated to maintaining a family friendly post that is committed to Veterans & Veteran’s needs, and be a service to the community to which we are a part of.

   I also want to maintain the friendships and camaraderie that we have all enjoyed in the past. Let’s put aside the petty differences and bring back the laughter that we all enjoy. Let’s show are visitors what VFW 4412 is all about.

   I would like to introduce John Gudavich as the House Committee Chairman, please join John for his first meeting November 2, 2021.

   As Commander you will find that I am in the post most mornings 0900-1400, M-F, I have an open-door policy if you need to see me for anything please feel free to stop by. The bartenders have my contact info if I am not in the office.

   We are purchasing bikes for local kids this year, we already have donations from The Membership, The Riders and a private donor. If you would like to make a donation to the bike fund, it can be given to the Bartender or you can see me in the post, and I will see that it goes to the proper account. Thank You.

   Good news Annual Members, upgrade to a life membership and we will contribute $50.00 toward your upgrade come see me and I will help you get started.

   An old saying from my days in the Navy, we would say "do you know what NAVY stands for” NEVER AGAIN VOLUTEER YOURSELF well we are not in the Navy, the VFW survives and thrives on volunteers without our volunteers we cannot do half the things we do at the Post, do your part even 1 hour can make a difference find out who is in charge of an event or activity and volunteer, it will make you feel good. :-}

   In Closing I would like to ask that we keep the men and women serving in our military in our thoughts and prayers and a safe return of all citizens abroad.


Sincere Regards,


Dale Cloutier


VFW Post 4412


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